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Home Insurance

Your house is the
largest investment your family has.

In most cases this statement is correct. But aside from being an asset,
it’s the place you and your family call home.

It’s where you want to get after a long day of work, and even after an enjoyable vacation you want to get home and relax. Meaning, there is a great attachment and commitment that we all have with that place we share with our family and friends.

Regardless, if it’s a home, condominium, a co-op or if we are renting we must have insurance. Your valuable possessions need to be insured. No one knows how valuable those possessions are until you lost them. Make sure that you add an endorsement if you need one for that painting, that piece of jewelry or that collection you treasure so much.

Having the right coverage with the right company give us the peace of mind we all need.

EZ Vision Brokerage is here and has the companies to place your home insurance for you. Come or call us and we’ll be there to assist you.