EZ Vision Brokerage

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EZ Vision Brokerage started thirty years ago

Paul –our son and today’s ––––––––– was not even three years old then and after graduating from Fordham University I asked him to come on board to work at the family business.

“With my passion, your energy and education we can bring EZ Vision Brokerage to a new level” I told him then. Together, we had tackled the challenges of the industry, but, more importantly we have continued to serve our customers with the upmost respect and appreciation for their support. Most of our business consist of customers who then recommended a family member or a friend whom become our customer. Today, more than customers, they are our family and partners for whom we are always willing to walk with every extra mile if we need to.

From the beginning we embraced technology; and we have not stopped. To have the answer for you and offer you the best customer service has always being priority number one to us.